Real Estate Law

Isn't my realtor enough?

No. Realtors play an important role in the process if you are buying or selling a property but the legal issues present in real estate can persist long after a realtor has parted ways. For instance, your dream property may be bound by conditions, covenants, and restrictions that are hidden away in the chaing of title, not easily discovered.

We can review your contracts before you sign the dotted line, heading off potential issues and ensuring you are aware of the fine details of your purchase or sale. If a dispute does arise, we are equipped to protect your interests in negotiations or litigation.

Real Estate Services

Real estate is your livelihood. You can afford nothing less than a favorable outcome when a legal dispute threatens your bottom line. In Brentwood and surrounding communities in the Nashville area, you can turn to The Baskin Firm for tailored services from a hardworking real estate attorney.

We are led by Trevor Baskin, an attorney who believes in adding value to the legal experience of commercial property owners, residential property owners, and landlords.  The Baskin Firm can assist in a variety of real estate needs, including:

  • Real estate closings
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts for purchases and sales
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts for lease agreements
  • Resolving purchase, sales, or leasing disputes
  • Defending premises liability claims
  • Real estate litigation

Protect your real estate assets

Whether you’re a major player in the real estate market or a small investor, you need assurance that your assets are protected. Don’t enter into a real estate agreement without first consulting with The Baskin Firm. Click the button below to call us and schedule a consultation.