Suburban real estate factors that could help attract urbanites

A growing trend shows that urban dwellers moving to Tennessee’s suburbs could lead to a demand for more expensive real estate. As reported by The Counselors of Real Estate and according to a survey conducted by The Harris Poll, approximately 40% of urban residents have recently considered leaving the city for the suburbs. With more companies […]

3 reasons for which you may evict your tenant

There is a growing trend in the U.S. of individuals preferring renting to owning. Business Insider states that both older and younger generations express disenchantment with homeownership. If you are a landlord, this certainly signals a rise in demand for your services. However, not every tenant is pleasant to deal with. There are occasions when eviction […]

Negotiating a favorable commercial lease renewal

When you reach the end of your Tennessee commercial lease term, you may want to take a moment to reevaluate the lease and make sure it still meets the needs of you and your business. If it does not, you have two options. The first is to search for an alternative commercial rental elsewhere. The […]

Considerations to add to your lease as a landlord

When you purchase an investment property and act as a landlord, your first task is finding a suitable tenant. Once you do, you must have them sign a lease that protects your interests while complying with landlord-tenant laws in Tennessee.  Make sure the rental lease for your residential property addresses these important considerations.  Financial terms The lease […]

Know your rights when a tenant misuses your property

Whether a tenant is illegally running a business, keeping a pet, having loud parties or otherwise breaking the terms of the lease, landlords can take legal action to protect their property. However, they must also pay attention to Tennessee’s tenant rights laws when doing so.  Explore the potential avenues of recourse when a tenant misuses or breaches […]